Denture Rebase & Repairs

What is a Denture REBASE?

A denture specialist repairing denturesRebasing may be recommended when the teeth of your denture are still in good condition and have not worn out in comparison to the denture base material.  Rebasing is the process of replacing the entire acrylic denture base providing a stable denture without replacing the denture teeth.  A rebase for a denture may be required if your denture is several years old or cracked.  A rebase is very similar to a reline, the difference being that a rebase replaces all of the pink acrylic denture base material instead of just the lining.

Rebasing, like relining, involves taking an impression inside of the denture.  A dental laboratory will then complete the rebase procedure where original denture teeth are retained in their original position in the new acrylic denture base.  This procedure generally takes two to three days.


A variety of circumstances can lead to a damaged denture (i.e.:  cracked denture base, fractured denture tooth, loose or missing denture teeth, broken flange of denture base).  Dr. Clanton works closely with a dental laboratory to help with repair procedures as needed and frequently on a “same day” basis.  This helps minimize the inconvenience of being without your denture.  On occasion, some simple repairs can be performed in our office.

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