Dental Insurance

Our office accepts most traditional insurance plans.  Please contact us to verify acceptance and to learn more about insurance companies we are established with as “in-network providers”.

Dental insurance plans are designed to be an aid in receiving dental care and are frequently viewed as a form of compensation or benefit provided by your employer.  You can expect your insurance company to provide re-imbursement for a portion of our office’s fees.  Some insurance plans pay fixed allowances for dental procedures while others pay a percentage of procedure fee.  The percentage paid is usually determined by a contractual agreement arranged by you or your employer with benefits often being dependent on amount invested in plan.

Our office wants to help you receive maximum re-imbursement for all services and will gladly, as a convenience to our patients, assist with processing your insurance claims.

Remember, dental insurance is considered a method of providing re-imbursement for a portion of fees paid to the dentist and not a substitute for total payment.  At the time of your dental visit, our office will collect an “estimated out-of-pocket” amount for the procedure that your dental insurance is not expected to pay.  As a courtesy, our financial coordinator will assist our patients in determining this amount prior each appointment.  Patients have the responsibility of paying any deductible, co-insurance amount, or any other balance not paid by their insurance company.

Please bring to your appointment, e-mail, or fax any insurance information necessary in order for us to assist with processing your claim-this will save time and help expedite payment.

Also, please keep us informed of any dental insurance policy changes (policy name, insurance company address, change of employment, change of policy benefits, etc.) so we can accurately assist you with benefit determination and claim processing.

Contact our financial coordinator with any questions regarding your dental insurance coverage.

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