Types of Fillings For Cavity Treatment

“Fillings” are actually restorations placed on or within the body of a tooth to restore its function and appearance. They are generally placed due to problems encountered from decay, trauma, or defects in tooth formation. Fillings are most often of two different types:

Composite Fillings

Composite resins or “tooth-colored fillings” are a great choice for patients who like their fillings to look more natural and comprise the majority of the fillings that are placed by Dr. Clanton. They are a good option for small to mid-size fillings and can be used on either front or back teeth offering a pleasing esthetic appearance.
Placement of a composite filling requires more clinical steps and is typically more technique-sensitive than placement of a metal filling. Composite fillings bond directly to teeth and often add strength as they restore teeth to their original shape and contour. These fillings can also be custom-shaded to blend with the color of adjacent teeth resulting in a natural looking smile.

Amalgam Filling

Amalgam fillings (the classic “silver filling”) have been used for over 100 years. They are actually made of an alloy consisting of silver, tin, copper, mercury, and zinc. Amalgam has some advantages over other restorative materials (low cost, strength, durability) and can sometimes be used in areas of the mouth difficult to isolate from saliva. Amalgam restorations do tend to have greater longevity when compared to other direct restorative materials but placement is generally avoided in the “esthetic zone” of the mouth due to its silver color.

The American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs has concluded that both amalgam and composite filling materials are considered safe and effective for tooth restoration.

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After years of no cavities and pride in my dental hygiene, I was shocked to discover that I needed several fillings at my routine cleaning. Dr. Clanton explained that my cleanings, while effective, were not as thorough as they could have been, and I was in need of restorative treatment. Admittedly, I was terrified of the treatment, although my wife and son helped quell my fears. With a new pep in my step, I went to Dr. Clanton, who has a great staff and who was very caring and concerned that I felt relaxed and had a great experience. The atmosphere at Dr. Clanton’s office is a place where you can go back to and feel relaxed. I made my next check up for six months! Dr. Clanton makes me smile!

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