Immediate Dentures

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Who is a Good Candidate for Immediate Dentures?

An immediate denture may be the best solution when extraction of all remaining teeth is necessary. Immediate dentures allow you to avoid the embarrassment of living without teeth by providing you with replacement teeth immediately following extraction. Preparation for this procedure is all started by Dr. Clanton before teeth are removed through consultation with an oral surgeon and a dental laboratory.

What to Expect when getting immediate dentures

Immediate denture fabrication involves obtaining a series of impressions of your existing teeth and gums to help create accurate “duplicates” or models. A bite registration or record of your existing “bite” is also obtained to help our dental lab technicians with proper placement of prosthetic teeth. Esthetic compromises may have to be made in some cases to compensate for inadequate space or jaw structural concerns. Generally, an improved natural and life-like smile can be obtained in most cases. Arrangement and positioning of teeth can also be “characterized or personalized” by patient request.

After the Procedure

At immediate denture delivery following completion of extractions, great care should be taken to follow all post-operative instructions. Gum tissue and supporting bone will recede afterwards and regular checkup appointments for adjustment visits will aid healing and reduce post-operative problems. Temporary linings or “tissue conditioners” are often used to create a more comfortable fit and may require adjustment or replacement several times during the healing period. A permanent reline will be needed to ensure a stable comfortable fit after the healing process is completed (usually 3-6 months for most patients).

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