Patient Review

Last Thursday night, I was enjoying a meal of corn on the cob when - disaster struck! Where before there had been plump, juicy, yellow kernels, I noticed a shimmering white tooth lodged in the butter-sodden cob. I was very concerned; as I am a graduate student at ETSU, and having just started the school year, I didn't have a dentist in the area. Dr. Clanton is the dentist for one of my classmates and his family, so I was able to get into his office without a scheduled appointment and was quickly worked in for my emergency. Ava was my dental assistant and she made me feel very comfortable and relieved my typical fears of the dentist (I have been avoiding getting my teeth cleaned for the past few years). With my newly intact crown, I will be back for a cleaning and will recommend Dr. Clanton's office to all of my classmates. Go Bucs!

- James S

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